My parents recently bought a farm with a forest. Going for walks there inspired me to do a small game about walking alone in the woods.

In Lakewood Forest you play as a forest keeper on the first day of their job. As you enter the forest, you will slowly realize how being alone with your own thoughts can bring strange thoughts forth.

Thanks to all the people who assisted me in the Bitsy Discord channel. 

A short game made during #ExileNotAJam 2018 (2 ½ day).

Please read the README file if you have issues with the audio.

I did not make the audio. It was downloadeded from and is by  13F_Panska_Petruzelova_Anna ('Silence in the Forest').


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I feel like I'm missing something.  I have the axe.  There's a man stuck in a tree.  I can't cut him free with the axe, nor have I found any other way to free him.  I can feed the dog, but there doesn't seem to be any point to doing so.  There's the obvious schmuck bait bad end, but I'm not falling for it.  Is that it?  No real ending?  No way to free the man?  Or have I just overlooked something?

Interesting, I wish there was a better ending. I like the slice of life though and ambience. It felt like there was gonna be something scary but the feeling lead no where specially with that ending. Like the style and feel though, simple yet intriguing

Good game! I like the ambient sound that you have and the color palette is nice as well! 

Good job!